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Sidoo Family Giving Collaborates with World Vision Project RUDI

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    David Sidoo's Family Champion Youth Development Through Supra Soccer Academy Awards

    The Sidoo Family Giving Foundation, led by directors Dylan and Jordan Sidoo, has once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fostering the dreams of young athletes through the Supra Soccer Academy Awards. In a celebration of talent, dedication, and academic excellence, six deserving youth have been bestowed with the prestigious Sidoo Family Scholarships, each valued at up to $1200.

    Selected by the coaches and Jordan Sidoo and recognized for their exceptional performance, these student athletes represent the pinnacle of achievement within the Supra Soccer Academy in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The scholarships serve as a vital lifeline, enabling recipients to pursue their aspirations of attending world-class European academies, nurturing their talents on an international stage.

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    Sidoo Family Giving - Supra Soccer Academy Scholarship

    Congratulations to Emerson Bauer who is the recipient of the Sidoo Family Giving scholarship!

    My Son Jordan Sidoo, who is a passionate soccer fan and former student athlete, and I are very excited to continue to support young student athletes, who have special talents, reach their potential and ultimate dream.

    Emerson will be able to display his talent in the UK for all to see. Good luck to him and the Supra team. “We continue to support those young student athletes that are very talented but unable to afford to go on life changing trips. Experiences like this” – David Sidoo

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  • David Sidoo was one of the first donors to make a substantial contribution to India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas fundraising campaign

    Our pioneers set foot on Canadian soil more than 130 years ago. Since their arrival here they never looked back. As a result of their hard work, resilience and determination, they made an indelible mark in this country. That paved the way for the following generations to build up on the foundation laid down by our pioneers. All of this has made the South Asian community as the most visible, successful, generous and resilient one in this country. There are countless examples of the members of our community who have excelled in various fields . 62 year old David Sidoo, a very successful businessman, former professional athlete and well-known philanthropist, is one of those individuals who have made a commendable contribution not only to the South Asian community but also to the community-at-large...

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  • New Westminster Secondary School Breakfast Club Program

    Through the Breakfast Club of BC Foundation, Dylan and Jordan Sidoo are proud to support the New Westminster Secondary School Breakfast Club Program. Across Canada, it is estimated that one in four children don’t eat a proper breakfast.

    The Breakfast Club programs provide a chance for students to connect with their peers, their teachers, the principal, it’s a place where if parents have to go to work early, and there’s not a place for them to go and no one to help them make breakfast, it’s a safe warm place parents can bring their kids to in the morning.

    We encourage others to help with there local Breakfast Club Programs across Canada by visiting

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  • Sidoo Family Giving – COVID-19 Emergency Program Update

    To deal with the COVID-19 outbreak and address the needs of Vancouver’s most vulnerable. Sidoo Family Giving recently provided sanitizers and masks to residents of Oppenheimer Park. In order to prevent the threat we need to unite and protect our most vulnerable communities. “The situation is serious, and it is urgent. In a neighborhood where space, food, supplies, and everything is shared, if we have one infection, it could decimate this entire community,” DTES SRO Collaborative Society’s Wendy Pedersen says.

    We encourage others to help where they can including supporting the Downtown East Side Response Group.

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  • East End Boys Club 54th Annual Leadership Breakfast

    Wonderful event with the East End Boys Club at the 54th Annual Leadership Breakfast. Supporting the great work of Jimmy Crescenzo. Amazing leaders of today and future leaders of tomorrow!

    The East End Boys Club society works with marginalized youth between the ages of 13 – 25. Our goal is to not only provide life-skills training but to also provide socio-emotional support, in school and post secondary guidance and the opportunities to pursue higher education in both academic and trades skills training.

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  • World Housing House Party, Change the Rules for Girls’ inaugural Fundraising Event

    The first benefit for World Housing House Party, Change the Rules for Girls’ initiative raised almost $500,000 for a Cambodian housing project. Jordan, David and Manjy Sidoo were there to help raise funds and support this cause.

    Read more in BC Business Magazine:—Change-the-Rules-for-Girls-2020

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